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Information Technology is supposed to make Life and Work easier for all. As a leader in the supply and retail of IT infrastructure in Nigeria, we at Elites Digital Ventures decided to redesign our Web portal in order that it might conform with the International standards of today.

Now it is much easier to locate precisely what you need among our hundreds of different items because this Website now features a World class Search Engine among other top level facilities. You can search our database in any form you like to get what you want.

Very soon we will connect to Interswitch's payment gateway which will make it possible to make payments using debit cards being issued by Nigerian banks. This will make your purchase totally cashless while eliminating the need to go to a bank for deposits. Your bank account will be automatically debited when you use the facility.

The new Website also features a Shop cart custom-built by our Web developer. We went for this option to protect your email addresses from International marketing spammers.

Lastly we are now able to modify prices at a minute's notice. Hence you can be sure that when you purchase items from us, you are getting the best bargain.

Thanks for visiting. We wish you a happy shopping experience.